Thetis is

Thetis is an Italian consulting & engineering company that develops civil and infrastructural projects, technological applications for the environment, climate change adaptation, urban regeneration and resilience, energy saving, mobility management, infomobility and decision support systems.

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Thetis develops solutions for climate change adaptation applied to complex environment as urban areas, lakes, lagoons, river and coastal areas, with the aim to provide innovative and resilience solution, also using building with nature, respectful of the environment, human settlement and activity, energy sustainability.

Integrated Transport Systems (ITS)

Thetis develops and delivers solutions for sustainable mobility of people and goods, applied to urban and maritime transport, with the aim to provide innovative services of traffic management, infomobility, safety and security towards a smarter use of transport networks and a more sustainable urban mobility.


Thetis offers a wide range of engineering services combining the latest civil and industrial technology solutions, with a strong focus on the environment, territory resilience, housing regeneration, contaminated site remediation, energy sustainability and ITC systems for a better urban life.