14 June 2016

Horizon 2020 BRIGAID Project

E.Coppola-CEM-IMG_8759_tagliataThe University of Bologna, Geomatics R&D, Thetis SpA and D’Appolonia SpA, will work -together with other 11 European partners- on the project BRIGAID over the next four years. Their focus will be to foster innovations in the field of climate change adaptation strategies, with particular attention to the risk related of floods, droughts and extreme natural events.

The BRIGAID project is funded by the EU with € 8 million under the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, known as Horizon 2020. The project officially kicked off in these days at the Technische Universiteit in Delft.

The project, which meets the objectives of the climate agreements signed in December 2015 in Paris on the occasion of COP21, is aimed at Bridging the Gap for Innovations in Disaster resilience and hence creating a closer link between innovators and potential end-users of new technologies (institutions, communities, businesses etc.).

The project will support innovators to develop testing methods, market analysis and social impact analysis of innovations and to promote the dissemination of the most promising innovative proposals.

Thetis will contribute to the project through the development of an integrated approach to face floods in coastal historical urban centers.

BRIGAID represents a significant opportunity of international collaboration between institutional researchers and Italian engineering companies operating in the field of environmental technologies.