June 11th, 2012 – Within the cultural activities that Thetis SpA, one of the main Italian engineering companies involved in the field of environmental, mechanical, civil, computer, electronic and transport engineering – Marie Lelouche solo exhibition will open on Thursday 28th June at 5p.m. in the spaces of the Arsenal of Venice. The exhibition, entitled Luoghi comuni (Common places), is promoted by Thetis and curated by Alberta Pane, and it is focused on the topics of the body, the object and the landscape. The series of installations and drawings that Marie Lelouche presents at Thetis mean to be a deep reflexion that the artist develops, like an architect/anthropologist, about the rites, the customs and the values of a completely different reality from hers own, such as the one of South Korea where she has just been an artist in residence. This young French artist, born in 1984 and graduated in 2008 from Ensba (Paris), is specialised in the arts of blown glass and porcelain, which she combines to raw materials, such as fabric and wood, by questioning the material’s limits in order to obtain unique forms. During her travels, Marie Lelouche plunges herself into cultural and social contexts that are completely different than the ones she is used to in order to actively influence her artistic vision. Experiencing the diverse and the “other”, the artist means to reach a complete cognitive freedom with respect to the object she describes or just perceives. The participating observation and the experience, meant as creative media, are the basis of her artistic practice. During the opening of the exhibition a music performance by the environmental sound recordist and sound artist Enrico Coniglio will take place. Opening time: from Mondays to Fridays, from 10a.m. to 6p.m. Until July 27th comunicato stampa network giugno 2012 ita Press Network giugno 2012 Eng