China – integrated system for sustainable mobility

In China Thetis implemented an innovative system for the integrated management of public transport, traffic and air quality monitoring. The system was deployed for the Beijing Olympics within the Sino-Italian cooperation program of the Ministry of Environment.
When pollution data coming from a network of fixed, mobile and portable stations approaches particular thresholds, it is possible to restrict the access inside the second ring of the city by the most polluting vehicles, which are registered in a database. A traffic monitoring network along the second ring road counts and classifies all vehicles and detects the polluting ones through license plate recognition. A public transport management system makes it possible to bring people in and out of the second ring road area during traffic limitation.
Data regarding air quality, traffic and public transport are collected at a Data Centre and displayed on a GIS system which allows cross analysis and gives input to a traffic/environment simulation model. The model permits the analysis of different scenarios and supports the decisions of the authorities in terms of mobility.
The public transport management system includes a control centre with video wall, operator workstations and software modules for service planning, real-time monitoring of over 2000 buses equipped with onboard computer, driver terminal, audio and video information to passengers, passenger counters, info displays at bus stops with next arrival forecasts, depot systems and a reporting system for service analysis and certification.

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