Environmental analysis of Chongming Development

The project “Environmental Analysis of Chongming Development” was part of the larger Chinese-Italian project “Eco-development of Chongming Island” developed by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau in China and the government of Chongming County. The project aimed to evaluate the sustainability of the development of the islands of Chongming, Changxing and Hengsha (Chongming County) in the Yangtze estuary as designed by the related Master Plan. To this regard Thetis realised the following main activities: • Analysis of the environmental impacts and positive< effects related to Chongming Master Plan; • Definition of guidelines for Chongming sustainable development; • Identification of the best technologies and best practices applicable to the study’s context. The above mentioned activities were related to specific issues, i.e.: waste management, water resources management, natural resources management, energy management, infrastructure for transport and mobility, urban development, agriculture, industry and tourism. In addition, the project provided for an environmental analysis of the highest priority interventions identified by the Chongming Master Plan (e.g. the tunnel-bridge system across the Yangtze river connecting Shanghai to Chongming or the Dongtan wetland park). This analysis also included the identification, based on the best European experiences, of technology and management practices aimed at mitigating the identified environmental effects. Finally, the project proposed ideas for realising demonstrative projects for the sustainability of the system of islands in Chongming county.

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