Environmental authorization of the off-shore terminal in Northern Adriatic Sea

Thetis elaborated the documents supporting the
environmental authorization procedures of the preliminary
design of the multimodal terminal offshore in the Northern
Adriatic Sea located 16 km offshore Venice littorals. The
terminal will act as oil harbour enabling to eliminate oil
maritime transport in the Venice lagoon and will have
commercial port function in particular related to container
delivering and handling. The project is subjected to the
procedures of Environmental Impact Assessment and
Screening Assessment according to the
EC Habitat Directive.
Through its multidisciplinary competences Thetis
elaborated the detailed analyses required by the above
procedures including both the construction and operation
phases, in particular in relation to the following key issues:
coastal and marine hydrodynamic, water quality, noise, air
quality, habitats and biodiversity, soil and sub-soil, human
health, socio-economic aspects (as in particular fishery),
etc. The impact assessment was also based on ad hoc
modelling elaboration of marine hydrodynamic effects,
pollutants air dispersion and noise due to increasing
marine and road traffic, noise disturbance on marine
mammals, incidental oil spill.
The performed activities included the identification of
mitigation and compensation measures and the design
of the monitoring plan. The EIA procedure started in May
2012 and was concluded in August 2013 with the positive
assessment of the Italian Ministry of Environment. Thetis
provided its technical support to Venice Water Authority
during the whole process.

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