Analysis of Member States progress reports on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

In 2010 the European Commission invited Member
States (MSs) to submit reports on progress in the
implementation of the EU ICZM Recommendation
since 2006. In order to facilitate the evaluation of ICZM
implementation process at the European level, the main
objective of this study was to prepare an overview of the
results and progresses across the EU Member States
through an in-depth analysis of the national reports and
by complementing missing or insufficient information
where needed. The following specific services were
provided to the European Commission:
• Collection and structuring of information available in
the progress reports on the implementation of the EU
ICZM Recommendation (2002/413/EC) prepared by
coastal Member States;
• Identification and acquisition of missing and
complementary information, in particular for countries
that did not submit any national report;
• Assessment of collected information in a countrybased
Whenever possible the analysis highlights also the
national, sub national and local level of progress
accordingly to each country administrative organization;
• Cross-country analysis, based on a
Regional Sea approach;
• Stakeholders identification and involvement
• Project management and reporting
Results of the study were considered as part of the
impact assessment towards a follow-up proposal to the
EU ICZM Recommendation (2002/413/EC), that led to
the proposal for an ICM and MSP framework
Directive (EC COM(2013) 133).

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