ITS European research projects

Thetis has participated in different European research projects. Here follows a list of some of the ones that saw the involvement of the ITS Division:
• CVIS, Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System. Thetis is involved in the development of a software system for the dynamic booking of parking spaces for urban freight deliveries and for the dynamic allocation of urban priority lanes.
• FREILOT: Urban Freight Energy Efficiency Pilot: Thetis was responsible for the demonstration in Lyon, France, of a dynamic booking system for parking places.
• GIROADS, GNSS introduction in the road sector. Thetis developed the onboard system software for the field trials in Rome.
• IPPA, Innovative Portable Pilot Assistance: Development of a portable system for use by port pilots to get the real-time traffic image relevant to the area of interest to the ship navigating in the port area. Thetis is responsible for system integration and production
• MarNIS (Maritime Navigation and Information Services) aimed at improving the European cooperation in the maritime sector. Thetis is responsible for test bed validation and demonstrations and for the development of POADSS (Port Operations and Approach Decision Support System) a portable onboard device to enhance pilot capabilities during missions.
• STADIUM: Smart Transport Applications Designed for large events with Impacts on Urban Mobility. Thetis is the leader of the demonstration in Delhi, India
• VIAJEO, International Demonstrations of Platform for Transport Planning and Travel Information. Thetis is the leader for the demonstrations in Beijing.
• VIAJEO PLUS, which aims to benchmark and support outstanding solutions for innovative and green urban mobility in Europe, Latin America, China, Singapore and Mediterranean Partner Countries.

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