Rome – public transport: ROMA TPL

Thetis eBUS solution is adopted for monitoring the public transport service of the outskirts of Rome (approximately 500 buses).
The AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring) solution includes a central system, which assist the everyday Roma tpl’s work dispatching, controlling, regulating and optimizing the bus service. The software suite comprises also applications for vehicle maintenance and claims management.
Thetis on-board systems include heavy duty computer, touchscreen driver terminal, interface with line indicator display, management of audio and visual information to the passengers (on and off board), integrated video surveillance system (local footage and real time video stream in case of alarm), passenger counting and interface with engine data (vehicle telemetry / remote diagnostic).
The on board equipment includes also Thetis double sided multimedia systems, which can combine real time information with infotainment contents and locations based marketing.
The system implements several innovative and tailored functionalities, among which a reliable service certification functionality. Specifically, key performance indicators of the service are automatically calculated and used as contractual parameters for the contract between bus operator and local transport authority.

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