SHAPE – Shaping an Holistic Approach to Protect the Adriatic Environment: between coast and sea

Shape is an EU co-funded project through the Adriatic IPA Cross Border Cooperation programme 2007-2013. Shape aimed at the development of a multilevel and crosssector governance system, based on holistic approach and integrated management of natural resources, risk prevention and conflicts resolution among uses of the Adriatic coast and sea. Project activities promoted the implementation in the Adriatic Sea of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Protocol of the Mediterranean and the Roadmap for Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). Shape involved 13 partners from all Italian coastal regions and eastern Adriatic countries. PAR/RAC of UNEP/MAP also participated to the project. As subcontractor, Thetis provided its technical and scientific service to the Veneto Region in particular in relation to coordination of WP 4 “Shipping towards MSP”. The following services were provided: • Analysis of the legal and planning framework supporting MSP implementation in the Adriatic Sea and interrelation with the international (EU and Mediterranean) framework; • Analysis of characteristics, impacts and pressures of the Adriatic Sea according to MSFD Directive and elaboration of a preliminary contribution to the initial assessment of this basin; • Problem analysis and thematic mapping supporting MSP in the Adriatic Sea; • Contribution to the design and elaboration of a GIS Atlas of the Adriatic Sea Region supporting ICZM and MSP; • Coordination of pilot projects on MSP, including its integration with ICZM; • Elaboration of a common methodology for MSP in the Adriatic and drafting of a practical handbook for practitioners.

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