Thetis, an engineering and environmental and technological services company with headquarters in the Venice Arsenal, is involved in a new project. The city of Copenhagen has selected Thetis for an important sustainable mobility project. The Venice-based company will participate in a pilot project to improve public transport management and passenger information in the city of Copenhagen. This Danish city, which has always been at the forefront of applying sustainability principles to urban mobility, is enlisting the services of international experts in the sector. The project entails simulating the real-time integration of various systems, including: • A multimodal public information system that encompasses all means of transport (cars, trains, buses, metros, bicycles); • A public transport management system; • A parking system integrated with passenger information; • A traffic and environmental pollution monitoring system. The final objective of the project is to develop solutions that provide a reduction in pollution and vehicular traffic while also improving the availability of information to residents. The pilot project is expected to be completed by April 2014. A few of the salient elements of the proposal included Thetis’ technological expertise in intelligent systems for managing public transport fleets and the environmental field, as well as a team of experts that includes the participation of important international partners like the French companies Ixxi and Systra and the multinational corporation Parkeon. The city of Copenhagen is investing in technological innovation projects, which have been recognized as key elements for reducing climate change emissions and road traffic while promoting sustainable transport. On this note, it is fitting to mention that Copenhagen has just received the prestigious title of European Green Capital 2014 and has decided to become a zero-emissions capital by 2025. In addition, it received a prestigious prize from the international organization ERTICO (Intelligent Transport Systems and Services for Europe) for its sustainable mobility solutions for cyclists and pedestrians. A leading player on the national and international stage, Thetis is heading to Denmark after having gained considerable international experience in the field of sustainable mobility in China, India, Georgia, Malta and, most recently, Liverpool and Newcastle in England. With this new project, Thetis further strengthens its presence in the international market in the fields of sustainable mobility and environmental pollution reduction. Press and Communications Office Thetis SpA tel. 041 2406111 fax 041 5210292 Director: Giannandrea Mencini mobile 347 2823781