April, 19th 2012 – Master series is the name of the solo exhibition by the artists Miazbrothers that opens on Thursday 3rd May at Thetis in the spaces of the Arsenal of Venice. The exhibition represents the special prize that Spazio Thetis gave to one of the finalists of the 5th Arte Laguna Awards, eventually awarded with the first prize in the Painting section. The brothers Roberto and Renato Miaz were born in Milan in 1965 and 1968 respectively, and, as artists, have followed a very unconventional path. After their studies in arts and design, instead of opting for the classic route of High School – Academy – Gallery, they decide to explore the world developing their own artistic vision and technique through the experiences made along the way. The choice of the spaces where to showcase their works is also completely unconventional. As opposed to art galleries, they prefer unusual places where they can wholly observe the reactions of their viewers. The creative projects realized for corporations follow the same idea. The exhibition in the spaces of Thetis SpA presents thirteen big paintings from the series “Antimatter”, in its turn divided into “Masters”, “Friends” and “Portrait d’artiste”. These works have in common a very peculiar style which takes inspiration from the ‘colour-dot’ technology employed by inkjet printers and aims to produce paintings that interact with viewers for an indefinite period of time, while transforming with their surrounding light. Since there are no lines in the works of Miaz Brothers, it is up to the viewer to perceive their subjects and make images out of them. Thus, with the use of three overlapping primary colours sprayed separately onto canvas, the artists are able to effectively blur the lines between illusion and reality, and create beautiful, ‘boundless’ perceptive experiences. Up to June 15th 2012 Opening time: from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm Thetis spa Castello Arsenale –Bacini stop lines 41-42, 51-52 Press Office and PR Thetis SpA tel. 041 2406111 fax 041 5210292 Responsible: Giannandrea Mencini mob 347 2823781