20 July 2016

Thetis arrives in France with smart passenger counting for Dunkerque public transport service

video_foto8The Urban Community of Dunkerque (France) awarded Thetis to provide an intelligent passenger counting system for the fleet of the urban transport network DK’Bus.

By the end of 2016, Thetis will implement automatic passenger counting system based on the latest technology with high accuracy video processing techniques. The system collects real time data on vehicle passenger loads and traveler flows at each bus stop and provides precise information on the real use of the lines and on service planning. Therefore this solution is a useful decision support system for the public transport company.

Moreover, Dunkerque Urban Community strategy is to gradually make public urban transport service free of charge, and the passenger counting system is going to become the only tool used to monitor the bus fleet and passengers flows and optimize the transport network DK’Bus considering the possible future absence of data measured from the ticketing system. The Dunkerque public transport service is composed by 11 lines and 123 buses and it is managed by STDE Company, which is a subsidiary of Transdev Group.

This new collaboration leads Thetis to further increase its share in the international market and to strengthen its business strategy in developing sustainable mobility solutions, as already implemented in numerous projects in China, India, England, Malta and, more recently, Denmark and Egypt..


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