Thetis, since its foundation, has carried out the design and works supervision of the recovery of the Northern Area of the Arsenal, from planning to the projects necessary for the establishment of new activities.

The project activities have seen:

  • preliminary investigations into the state of consistency of the area and buildings;
  • the planning of the interventions to be carried out in the area;
  • the recovery of the historic building heritage through the safety and restoration of historic volumes;
  • the “reversible” infrastructure inside historic buildings which allows their reuse for new functions and the maintenance of professionalism within the Historic City;
  • the functional adaptation of the area through the creation of systems and technical volumes serving the buildings subject to restoration designed with a view to saving and sustainability, in some cases also experimenting with some “pilot” projects.

The main buildings for which Thetis has overseen the various design levels from time to time are buildings 62, 63, the Tese della Novissima 107-108-109-110-111-112 (now the seat of the Consorzio Venezia Nuova), the Tese 101-102-103-104, now the headquarters of the CNR, building 96 (current canteen serving the area), as well as the Models, Lamierini and Tesa 106 buildings, now the headquarters of Thetis itself.