Thetis is involved in the design of numerous environmental morphological recovery interventions both in the lagoon and coastal marine areas.

Numerous interventions have concerned the design of new intertidal morphological structures such as sandbanks and mudflats in different lagoon areas (areas of the Cenesa, Boer and Siletto canals, Bastia canal, Val di Brenta …) as well as in the coastal areas of Lido (San Nicolò and Alberoni) and Pellestrina.

The interventions, some of which are included in the Plan of Compensation Measures of the MOSE project, involve a wide range of environmental issues and are distinctly multidisciplinary. The activities in the salt marshes structures also include interventions aimed at promoting the restoration of typical lagoon habitats, while the interventions on the coasts, in addition to guaranteeing the protection and restoration of the dune habitats, have also included measures aimed at the protection of the bird nesting sites as well as improvement of the use and awareness of visitors (for example pedestrian paths, information points, etc.).