Thetis participated in the creation and management of the forecasting and modelling Center dedicated to the study and monitoring of meteorological, marine, and hydrological phenomena.

As well as the hydrodynamic and morphological modeling of the Venice Lagoon and the prediction of flood events. The Center was designed with a view to the management of the mobile barriers (MOSE System) currently in operation at the three lagoon inlets. The services include:

  • management of the real-time data collection network in the lagoon and its hydrographic basin;
  • management of data flow towards users;
  • wave forecast (the Adriatic Sea and Venice Lagoon) including rainfall-runoff model of rivers flowing into the lagoon.

Data and forecasts help direct and supervise the operations of the mobile barriers through a specific Decision Support System. Real-time data and model outputs are made available on the web and presented on the Center’s “video wall” for quick reference. The ICT structure, the database and the data acquisition and exchange network are managed by Thetis through a system capable of detecting anomalies in data acquisition and water levels forecasting and alerting operators.