Thetis, collaborated, as a partner of the “Consorzio Venezia Nuova” concessionaire, collaborated for the design and construction supervision of the restoration and nourishment activities.

The protection of Venice and its lagoon is linked to the shoreline protection from the sea, considering both the defense agianst the high tides and storm surges.
The interventions along the coasts have to be periodically executed in order to ensure the maintenance of the shoreline and the sand volum over time. The coastal defence plants are so important for the protection of Venice thus, it’s necessary to implement several ordinary and extraourdinary maintainence activities to guarantee the protection level of these systems.
The interventions are these ones:

  • reprofiling of the breakwaters cell n. 2;
  • installation of windbreaks near the main coastal gates with sufficient beach width in order to favor the formation of dunes and prevent the sand resuspended by the wind from blocking the gates again;
  • new cleaning of the access gates to the Pellestrina coast to be carried based onof the agreements between the Superintendency and the Municipality of Venice.

Op.579 Pulizia varchi Pellestrina