The Master Plan was drawn up between 2001 and 2004 by a working group coordinated by the Veneto Region and the Municipality of Venice, involving the competent public institutions in the industrial area of Porto Marghera, on the outskirts of Venice.

The working group was technically supported by a team of consultancy and engineering companies coordinated by Thetis which assessed the state of the contaminated areas and elaborated the Master Plan for their requalification.

The main strategic actions identified by the Plan are: permanent confinement of contaminated areas, in particular to avoid direct contact with the waters of the Venice Lagoon, dredging of polluted sediments from industrial canals, reclamation of contaminated soils in priority areas, construction of integrated infrastructure to support the recovery process, monitoring and study activities, evaluation of the recovery process.

In addition to coordinating the team of experts and the entire development of the Master Plan, Thetis provided specific contributions to: the development of the knowledge framework, identification of guidelines and reclamation priorities, analysis of regulatory and design aspects, design of the monitoring system, design of the information system to support the implementation of the Master Plan..