Thetis’ Director of Operations for Engineering and Environment, Tommaso Marella, and the Head of the Environment and Territory Department, Sebastiano Carrer, both from Thetis, were part of the delegation from the Order of Engineers in Venice invited by the Mayor of Lussinpiccolo from June 26 to 28, 2023, to assess the situation of that city, which, like Venice, is threatened by sea-level rise. Consequently, they proposed some solutions to mitigate its effects.

Mariano Carraro, President of the Order of Engineers of Venice, stated in a press release: “We are flattered and stimulated that the Mali Lošinj authorities have chosen us to address an issue that, to some extent, concerns many coastal cities. If Venice is an example we are pleased, but we are aware of the underlying concern for a problem that has a global scale. There are many initiatives dealing with this topic and we are honored to be part of the group”.


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