Thetis performed the work of construction supervision in the complex operation that led to the insertion of a gigantic sliding steel door, 54 meters wide by 16 high, inside the navigation basin at the mouth of the port of Malamocco in the Venice lagoon. This basin has the purpose of allowing the passage of ships even with the Mose system operating.

In particular, the Thetis works management assisted the entire construction process through its own quality control system, which periodically visited the facility in Friuli and verified all the fundamental steps in the construction of the project: assembly, welding, topographics and dimensional checks, as well as the assembly phases of the various plant components. Furthermore, acting as Construction Management, it verified and coordinated, the whole maneuver for moving this structure from the facility of Monfalcone port quay using special transporters that lifted the structure, weighting 2,000-tons. Then boarding on a 130-metre barge and towing with tugboats to the port of Malamocco.


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