Today the Gazzettino di Venezia to dedicated almost a entire page to the complex and delicate Works in Piazza San Marco to defeund the area from flooding. The journalist Roberta Brunetti interviewed the architect Francesco Lanza, Director of Works and Head of the Engineering Area of Thetis.

Lanza has explained in detail the general situation of the intervention in the San Marks Square and the causes of the strange flooding that occurred in the square in recent days.

To The Gazzettino, architect Lanza stated, that in a few months, the most impactful phase of the works, to make the Marciana area safe from flooding, will be overcome. In fact, from the next high water season (perhaps even earlier) Piazza San Marco will be protected in the vast majority of cases. Furthermore, he specified that “the Square will cope high tide up to 110 cm, unless exceptional winds, cause waves that exceed the banks of the Square.” In the future, to protect the Marciana area even from these events, a futhermore phase of the project need to be completed in the next three years.

The images is reported The Gazzettino article.

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