Thanks to the skills acquired in the environmental field and the morphological restoration of the Venetian lagoon ecosystem, in the spring of 2020 Thetis was awarded the tender by the Veneto Regional Park Authority of the Po Delta relating to the drafting of the “Study for the Environmental Morphological Plan of the ‘EPS del Delta del Po” within the project “PEPSEA – Protecting the Enclosed Parts of the Sea in Adriatic from Pollution” funded by the Interreg V-A Italy-Croatia territorial cooperation program 2014-2020.

In particular, it was a question of drawing up a study of the interventions for the morphological environmental rebalancing of the Po Delta regarding two specific areas: Sacca del Canarin and Laguna di Caleri.

The study investigated issues of an environmental and hydromorphological nature as well as socio-economic issues through the involvement of stakeholders. In addition to the study for the Morphological Plan, the preparatory documentation for the completion of a possible SEA procedure was produced.

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