CPMRThetis, thanks to its expertise in the environmental field and coastal maritime planning, will provide a technical consultancy service to the CPMR (Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions) which brings together over 150 Regions from 24 Member States of the European Union, as part of the European project ” Regions to boost National Maritime Spatial Planning” (REGINA-MSP). This activity intends to improve the participation of Regions, local authorities and stakeholders in the development and implementation of national maritime spatial planning.

In this context, Thetis will have the specific task of supporting WP2 activities to have an updated picture at the European level of the implementation status of Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) and the level of involvement and participation of the regions. A specific Compendium and a Symposium at the end of the project will summarize the different regional approaches to MSP in order to encourage the replication of positive experiences in all sea basins of the European Union.



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