The European IMPETUS Project, launched in October 2021 with the aim of turning climate commitments into tangible and urgent actions to protect communities and the planet, has reached the halfway point.

In a long article by Giannandrea Mencini published in October on “Verde Ambiente”, a national journal about politics and science, we take stock of the activities carried out so far by this large European project which involves 32 European partners including the Venice company Thetis.

In this article, Elisa Andreoli and Chiara Castellani, part of the Environment and Territory Area of Thetis, highlight that after 18 months of work, IMPETUS has entered the heart of the various project activities, while all the project demonstration sites are implementing adaptation actions tailored to the specific geographical context. The two Thetis’ experts remark that the company has a very cross-cutting role in the project. At this stage, they are capitalising on the experience gained in recent years about climate change adaptation and collaboration with different online information platforms. Moreover, they recently contributed to the preparation of a report which, starting from an overview of climate indicators at a global and European level, identifies the so called “flexible super set” of adaptation and vulnerability indicators. The idea is to start from these indicators, usable in different European climatic bioregions, to provide some insights for large-scale adaptation and vulnerability assessments. Finally, within the project, this set of indicators will be used as starting point for a refined identification of additional or better tailored indicators for site-specific issues, able to measure the effectiveness of local adaptation actions being tested in the various IMPETUS demonstration sites.

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