Thetis is providing a consultancy service to CNR – ISMAR of Venice as part of the European project “Maritime Spatial Planning as enabler of the European Green Deal” (MSP GREEN).

The Project intends to integrate Maritime Spatial Planning with the objectives of the European Green Deal which represents an ambitious package of political initiatives to start the EU on the path towards a green transition, improving the well-being and health of citizens and future generations . In particular, the MSP-GREEN project focuses on issues extremely relevant for the marine environment and the sustainable transition of sea management: circular blue economy, protection of marine biodiversity, marine renewable energy, healthy and sustainable food from the sea and mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Thetis technical consultancy is particularly focussed on adaptation to climate change, thanks to the various skills acquired in this field over the years. Specifically, the work consists in the development of a proposal for action to make the planning of the marine space of the Adriatic (Northern Adriatic in particular) “climate proof”.

The action proposal will be capable of responding to the impacts of climate change in the priority economic sectors of the sea such as fishing, aquaculture, sand extraction activities and coastal tourism.

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