Thetis, in joint venture with Società Kostruttiva S.c.p.a., received the prestigious assignment from the Consorzio Venezia Nuova of the functional design for the construction of the works to safeguard the Insula di San Marco from high tides.

In particular, the task entrusted concerns the design activity up to the final design level of the Insula which houses Piazza San Marco, a Unesco site known throughout the world. The activity envisages a first phase of data acquisition and technical-cognitive analysis on what was previously produced regarding the Insula di San Marco, also in relation to the previous executive project prepared and approved in June 1998. A second phase instead envisages the realization of the Feasibility Project (formerly the preliminary project) and finally, the third and final phase concerns the drafting of the definitive project.

The work will develop, in consideration of the historical and monumental importance of the site, also through various inspections, meetings, and insights, with all the institutional, economic, civil and social realities involved in the project intervention.

Photo: The New Venice

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