Thetis collaborated for the design and construction supervision of the intervention concerning the infrastructure of Tesa 112 which is part of the Venetian Arsenal’s real estate compendium located in the area called "Tese della Novissima".

This complex has been identified to implement the management and control activities of the Mose system inside it.
In particular, the internal organization of “Tesa 112”, chosen in order to house the Control Center of the plant, has the following fucntions:

  • support activities for the decisions of the Control Center through an adequate forecast system and a monitoring system of marine meteorological data;
  • organization and control of the infromation flow to and from the outside world;
  • organization and control of the internal information flow between the control center, bodies involved in decisions related to the system, and the staff who daily manage and monitor it;
  • optimization of the surveillance system so that it guarantees adequate confidentiality and security levels without interrupting ordinary and extraordinary activities;;
  • conservation and management of the informations and skills acquired by the system;
  • training of operators and decision-makers through discussions with external professionals;
  • support services to operating personnel in the tesa during emergency conditions.