Thetis, in Joint Venture with Betastudio srl (Padua), had awarded by Banco Interamericano de Desarollo (BID) the contract to prepare the Recovery Plan of Lake Ypacarai,

The lake is the main tourist resources and historical – cultural icon of Paraguay. The lake suffers from severe eutrophication problems that prevent its touristic use, generate health problems and threaten the social environment and the ancillary economy. Objectives of the service are:

  • Analysis available data & projects, execution of monitoring campaigns and definition of the current state of health of the environmental system.
  • Modeling of hydrodynamics and water quality of the lake and its drainage basin dealing with various scenarios of climate change; the outputs of the modeling activity will be used for the selection and the definition of remediation priorities.
  • Cost-benefit analysis of interventions, evaluated through a participatory process involving citizens and local stakeholders.
  • Development of a plan of remediation for a short, medium and long term perspective (30 years) and develop advanced preliminary design of the urgent interventions.