The IMPETUS project aims to accelerate the transition towards a climate-neutral and sustainable economy

Three pillars shape the project:

  • • Action: 15 technical and nature-based solutions, ranging from early warning systems and rapid risk assessment of natural hazards to sand dune restoration.
  • • Insight: Targeted analysis using the latest datasets and digital modeling to determine the actions and decisions to be made with the greatest impact.
  • • Support: Collaborate with the sectors, businesses and communities most at risk from climate change, to create solutions and shape a transition that protects the environment and our economy.

Thetis is part of this team, with 32 participants across Europe. The company’s involvement refers in particular to the drafting of the content of the adaptation platforms and the development of consolidated frameworks on indicators and metrics for climate change adaptation, vulnerability and resilience. At the same time, the company is involved in the design of the knowledge framework and digital dimension of the Resilience Knowledge Boosters (RKB) through an accessible catalogue of all relevant knowledge, public data and data sources of the regional territory and community systems affected by the climate.