Thetis has collaborated for the design and supervision of the works for the protection to the Insula of St.Mark’s Square from high water.

This complex work, which, on the basis of the forecasts of the interventions for the protection of Venice, must be pursued according to the different levels of the high waters:

  • high waters above +1.10 m a.s.l. for which the MOSE System will come into operation;
  • medium-high waters up to an altitude of + 1.10 m a.s.l. for which the Insula di San Marco will have to be defended with the so-called “local works”;
  • medium-shallow waters up to + 0.88 m a.s.l. for the defense of the Narthex of the Basilica of San Marco.

The interventions, which are part of Lot “B”, have as their objective the protection of St.Mark’s Square. Surrounding areas from flooding by providing for the creation of a waterproof perimeter confinement system of the margins, protecting them from overlapping, from infiltration through buildings or from the ascent through the existing drainage tunnels.

The tunnels, along the perimeter of the area to be protected, are restored through cleaning, recovery, and protection interventions on the masonry structures, to allow their correct hydraulic functioning to dispose of rainwater during periods of closure of the flow from the ‘external.

Inside the square, the tunnels will be integrated with a drainage system arranged longitudinally to their walls and sized in such a way as to control the level of the groundwater and to deliver the residual water from soil permeation to the lifting system which will be built in the subsequent excerpts.


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