Thetis collaborated for the design and construction supervision of the works in relation to the recovery of the San Felice Fort in Chioggia.

Intervention envisaged under the memorandum of understanding of 18.01.2018 signed between the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the State Property Agency, the Municipality of Chioggia for the rationalization and enhancement of military properties.

The works concern the 1st phase interventions which are of a priority nature and are divided as follows:

  • conservative restoration works of the building called “Portale del Tirali”:
    • conservative restoration and consolidation of the load-bearing roof structure made up of trusses, false trusses and wooden struts;
    • restoration/adaptation of the roof covering including the rainwater disposal system;
    • conservative restoration of brick walls and vaults;
    • punctual restoration interventions of the stone elements (in particular for the removal of clamps and other metallic elements that cause local lesions), on the valuable wooden elements (doors) and on iron elements (gratings, tie rods, etc.);
    • renovation/integration of the fixtures;
    • installation of electrical, data and special systems (fire detection).
  • arrangement of part of the uncovered spaces of Forte San Felice in order to create a first itinerary for visiting the ramparts as well.