Thetis developed the Master Plan of adaptation measures for the sustainable management of the Venetian lagoon system in the context of climate change

The first phase of the study focused on the elaboration of local-scale projections of climate change and sea level rise, which were used to evaluate the vulnerability of the system related to: morphology and hydrodynamics, watershed hydrology, lagoon water quality, habitat and biodiversity, coasts and urban systems. The second phase concerned the analysis of good adaptation practices implemented in other coastal urban systems, also through the organization of an International Conference held in Venice in September 2011.

The results of both phases guided the elaboration of the Master Plan. The Plan was designed according to an adaptive management approach and was based on two fundamental principles: building with nature and co-evolution between the natural and human systems. Therefore, it provides for a series of adaptation measures relating to the following areas of intervention: Venice Lagoon ecosystem and habitat, coastal defence, freshwater ecosystems and measures against the intrusion of salt water, environmental quality of the Venice Lagoon, and urban resilience.