Thetis has developed the documentation to support the environmental authorization process of the preliminary design of the multimodal offshore terminal in the Northern Adriatic.

The terminal, located 16 km off the Venetian coast, will serve as an oil port allowing for the elimination of the maritime transport of oil in the Venice lagoon and will function as a commercial port in particular for the delivery and handling of containers.

The project is subjected to the Environmental Impact Assessment (VIA) and Screening Assessment procedures according to the EC Habitats Directive. Through its multidisciplinary skills, Thetis has developed the detailed analyses required by the aforementioned procedures, including both the construction and operational phases.

The impact assessment was also based on the development of ad hoc models of the marine hydrodynamic effects, the atmospheric dispersion of pollutants and noise due to the increase in maritime and road traffic, the acoustic disturbance on marine mammals, and the accidental release of petroleum. The activities carried out included the identification of mitigation and compensation measures and the design of the monitoring plan.

The EIA procedure began in May 2012 and ended in August 2013 with a positive assessment by the Italian Ministry of the Environment.