Thetis is engaged in the final design of the protection, redevelopment and enhancement of the coast of the Municipality of Salerno - sub area 1.

The intervention provides, for the development and revitalization of the city of Salerno, the construction of a new beach that goes from Piazza della Libertà to Porto Masuccio Salernitano, overlooking the water space in front of the Trieste seafront.

The purpose of the intervention is to implement a hydraulic protection of the stretch of the coast through the nourishment of the beach and the construction of cliffs parallel to the coast and groins and the redevelopment of the areas through the landscape and environmental improvement of the waterfront.

More specifically, as regards the redevelopment, the planned interventions aim at the tourist and environmental enhancement of the seafront with the reduction of the impacts of the existing protection, currently made up of three breakwaters parallel to the seafront and built-in artificial cubic boulders of significant visual impact.

The construction and expansion of the sandy shores, the removal of the current protection,and their replacement with new construction works with less impact, will contribute to redeveloping this stretch of waterfront and to favoring the tourist use of the beach and the promenade behind it.