After being awarded a contract to conduct an environmental study on the Carmen-Pajonal-Machona lagoon system in Tabasco, Mexico, as part of a larger climate change adaptation project in the Gulf of Mexico, the engineering and environmental and technological services company Thetis, based in the historic Venice Arsenal, announces an important new international achievement.
Although our company was awarded this particular contract in early 2014, due to considerable geopolitical, social and institutional issues in Egypt it is only now possible to officially announce the news. The company won a call for tenders held by UNDP/GEF (United Nations Development Programme and Global Environmental Facilities), which, together with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, is financing the “Sustainable Transport Project for Egypt”. In addition to the organizations providing financing, Cairo Governorate is contributing to the project and the University of Cairo is providing technical assistance and will be responsible for testing the systems and equipment supplied.
With respect to this ambitious programme that aims to reduce energy consumption and climate change emissions in the Egyptian transport sector, improve air quality in urban centres and organize the public transport system, Thetis will take actions in the sustainable mobility sector.
Specifically, since the end of 2014, our company has been offering its expertise in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to the Egyptian government in order to solve various problems connected with vehicular traffic in the city of Cairo.
Like all large metropolises, Egypt’s capital, which is the country’s most populated city with approximately 9 million inhabitants and more than 15 million in the metropolitan area, has significant problems managing its often chaotic vehicular traffic. City streets are frequently blocked by vehicles parked on both sides of the carriageway, preventing circulation and causing significant atmospheric pollution problems. In addition, the bus fleet that is in circulation is quite old and as a result very polluting. It is therefore necessary to rid the streets of the numerous parked vehicles by “intelligently” moving them to specific parking areas.
For this reason, Thetis will begin providing the Egyptian government with a series of large variable message signs (VMS) and a series of systems to monitor and count the vehicles entering and exiting parking areas.
The VMSs will indicate parking space availability and also provide information on how to reach the parking areas. The software will display messages based on traffic and the proximity of the parking area to the VMS or, alternatively, an operator can independently manage the messages displayed.
In addition, a traffic control centre with associated software and technological equipment will be made operational.
Project activities will begin first in the Central Business District of Cairo, meaning the area surrounding the famous Tahrir Square.
One of the main factors that led to Thetis obtaining this important contract is the company’s international technological expertise in the area of intelligent systems for managing public transport fleets, as well as the field of the environment.
In fact, the company has been involved in numerous projects in this sector in various European and non-European counties, including China, India, Georgia, Malta and, more recently, Liverpool and Newcastle in England and Copenhagen in Denmark.
With this new project, Thetis further strengthens its presence in the international market in the fields of sustainable mobility and environmental pollution reduction.

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