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Thetis offers a multidisciplinary approach to environmental issues and provides integrated and sustainable solutions to complex management problems. Thanks to its environmental specific expertise, Thetis works out studies and projects for integrated coastal zone management, sustainability, climate change adaptation, contaminated site remediation, building with nature; permitting procedures and EIA related to infrastructure – port and airports – and industrial settlements; policies addressing water management for lagoons, sea and lakes.


Integrated Transport Systems (ITS)

Knowledge for a better #SustainableMobility

Thetis develops IT integration platform for cities and territorial systems, including environment, transport, parking, security and public info.
Particularly Thetis develops and provides solution for the sustainable mobility of people and goods, for land transport and maritime navigation. Main ITS products and services provided by Thetis concern public transport management systems and infomobility solutions, integrated systems for sustainable mobility, advanced solutions in the Information & Communication Technology areas, safety systems for navigation – Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS); logistic maritime systems – Vessel Traffic Management and Information Systems (VTMIS).



Knowledge for a better

Thetis operates in the engineering and consultancy markets, dealing with challenges for the environmental and coastal areas protection, the adaptation to climate change, the infrastructural interconnection and nodes, the urban regeneration (historical sites and recovery of industrial sites) and resilience, the energy sustainability. Thetis combines the latest technology solutions in civil and technical plants with a strong focus on the environment, efficiency and saving energy in building (LEED Certification), construction and operative cost efficiency.
Thetis has teams able to support public and private clients, providing them with consultancies services and analytical studies, from conceptual ideation to design and project management from technical services and construction supervision, technical assistance during operation and maintenance.