Newcastle Upon Tyne – public transport: NEXUS

Nexus, the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive, appointed Thetis for design and implementation of an AVL-RTI solution capable to take vehicle location and prediction data from any public transport provider within the Tyne and Wear area and supply Real Time Information to any third party systems.
Thetis provided an integrated AVL-RTI Data Broker which collects service planning and real time data coming from different bus operators and rail services in standard formats, and provides relevant information to journey planners, UTMS (to manage Bus Priority at signal junctions), etc.
The AVL-RTI solution provided includes also a Display Management Systems which delivers real time data and other contents to the displays at the main bust terminals and bus stops.
The system is scoped and sized to enable not only Tyne and Wear area, but all North East LTA and Bus Operators to access the system (approximately 2000 buses and 1000 displays).

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