ETC-CCA - European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation

  • Date

    2011-2013; 2014-2018

  • Client

    EEA - European Environment Agency (framework contract)

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The European Topic Centre on Climate Change
impacts, vulnerability and Adaptation (ETC/CCA) is
a centre of thematic expertise contracted by EEA.
Currently, ETC/CCA is a consortium of 14 partner
organisations from EEA member countries, led by the
Italian Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
(CMCC), which combines their research and information
expertise in the area of climate change impacts,
vulnerability and adaptation (CCIVA) including:
(1) harmonisation, quality check and exchange of data,
(2) development of CCIVA indicators and mapping,
(3) analyses and assessments supporting EU policy
development and implementation,
(4) elaboration of EEA integrated assessment reports,
(5) capacity building.
Within ETC-CCA Thetis provides its experience and
capacity on coastal issues related to climate change
vulnerability and adaptation, including relations between
CCA and ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management)
and MSP (Maritime Spatial Plan) policies. Specific
services include: (i) support to the development and
implementation of Climate-ADAPT the EEA webplatform
on CCIVA, (ii) elaboration, review and upload of
Climate-ADAPT contents related to coastal and marine
issues, (iii) analysis and integration of Climate-ADAPT
case studies on adaptation, (iv) analysis of methods for
assessing coastal vulnerability to climate change at the
scale of Europe and Marine Regions, (v) contribution to
the EEA coastal assessment report.

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