MODUS project

  • Date

    2010-2012; 2012-2013; 2013-2016

  • Client

    Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport - Venice Water Authority through its concessionary Consorzio Venezia Nuova

  • Categories
  • Country

    Italy - Venice Lagoon

Design and execution of monitoring activities aimed to
define the chemical and ecological status of water bodies
in the lagoon of Venice (Directive 2000/60/EC). Monitoring
activities involved the analysis of water, sediment and
biota samples, including eco-toxicological analysis and
bioaccumulation measures. The project also included
the design and implementation of the Inventory of
emissions, discharges and losses of priority substances
and pollutants within the Venice lagoon (Directive
2008/105/EC). Coordination with regional and national
Authorities and Public Administrations on issues related
to 2000/60/EC Directive implementation. The activities
are also being carried out according to Italian relevant
byelaws (Decrees 152/2006, 56/2009 and 260/2010). The
services provided include: Design and implementation
of monitoring activity; Chemical and eco-toxicological
analysis of water, sediment and biota; Coordination of
some thematic consultation with institutional Authorities
and Administrations in particular on sediment issues and
regulation, chemical water body quality and specific issues
related to the Eastern Alps’ River Basin Management Plan
(Environmental Strategic Assessment and Programme
of Measures Report); Technical support to Venice lagoon
water body classification. Moreover a specific Monitoring
Plan was designed to monitor interventions related to
Habitat and Birds Directive (92/43/CEE and 2009/147/
CE). The Monitoring Plan included the design and building
of a Geographic Database referred to habitat and species
included in the monitoring programme. For the period
2013-2016, beside the prosecution of monitoring activities
on water, sediment and biota, the construction, installation
and maintenance of two automatic monitoring stations,
equipped with a multi-parametric probe for the collection of
chemical-physical properties of water bodies is comprised

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