Management Plan for the “Drainage basin, Venice lagoon and sea” hydrographic subunit according to Directive 2000/60/EC

  • Date

    2009-2010; 2013-on-going

  • Client

    Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport - Venice Water Authority through its concessionary Consorzio Venezia Nuova

  • Categories
  • Country

    Italy – Venice Lagoon

In the period 2009-2010 Thetis elaborated the River
Basin Management Plan (RBMP) of the Venice lagoon,
its watershed and the adjacent coastal area, according to
Directive 2000/60/EC, better known as Water Framework
Directive (WFD). This is sub-unit RBMP is part of the
wider RBMP of the Eastern Alps District. The RBMP
of the Venice lagoon, its watershed and the adjacent
coastal area defines the environmental (chemical and
ecological) status of these areas, related indicators and
targets, and identify a complete and heterogeneous sets
of measures to be implemented related to the following
sectors of intervention: chemical pollution, eutrophication,
morphology and ecosystems, sustainable use of natural
resources, monitoring. Main contents of the RBMP are:
(i) analysis of human pressures and impacts on surface
water and groundwater, (ii) definition of protected areas,
(iii) description of monitoring networks, (iv) classification
of water bodies and definition of quality objectives, (v)
definition of the programs of measures to be adopted
to reach the objectives. Performed activities included
technical assistance to the Strategic Evaluation
Assessment (SEA) of the Plan in particular by the
preparation of technical documents and interactions with
The RBMS of the Venice lagoon sub-unit was adopted
on February 2010. After that date, Thetis was enrolled
to support Venice Water Authority also for the phase of
revision and updating of RBMP whose final publication
is due to December 2015. The activities encompass
participation to public information and consultation
initiatives and contributions to the production of: (i) report
on district’s characteristics, human impacts and status of
water bodies (art.5 WFD), (ii) Environmental Report for
the SEA, (iii) draft copy of updated RBMP, (iv) final RBMP

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