Restoration and environmental requalification of the new Urban Park of Certosa Island

The Municipality of Venice, through the concession of the island to the company Vento di Venezia, set out a programme for the restoration and requalification of the Certosa Island, located in Venice lagoon. Thetis – in collaboration with arch. Tobia Scarpa – designed an overall project for the restoration and redevelopment of existing buildings and for the development of a new urban park in the island. The project was also aimed at recovering the environmental and naturalistic context of the island, developing new services for yachting activities and promoting conditions for the settlement of new productive activities in the field of artisanship and agriculture. In particular, interventions included the creation of new mooring facilities along the island border, other infrastructure supporting yachting activities and networks of underground utilities, as well as the excavation of canals. The urban park design included the creation of paths along the island, the definition of the lighting system and the restoration of building through the elimination of superfluous or damaged structures. Past activities settled in Certosa Island (pyrotechnics) determined a situation of contamination of soils, thus a plan for the environmental assessment and a remediation project for contaminated sites were required. In this context, Thetis performed the Environmental Assessment plan, the conceptual model of the site, the Risk Assessment Analysis and the Remediation Project design.

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