Venice – maritime traffic monitoring

Thetis has designed and implemented SIMNAV, an integrated system for a precise supervision of ship navigation across the Venice lagoon inlets. Distributed intelligence architecture supplies a detailed traffic image to the Venice Control Centre, thanks to the integration of data from radars, AIS base stations, cameras and GPS onboard devices. The traffic image is distributed to other supervision centres (Pilots, Coast Guards and Port Authorities).
Another system (STIM) has been implemented, to increase the operative capacity of the Port of Venice, its security and the safety of navigation. STIM includes the real-time monitoring of navigation from the port inlets up to the berths.
Other systems have been implemented by Thetis in the Venice lagoon. A camera- based speed detection system for navigation surveillance, integrated with variable speed limit signs has significantly reduced average speed and consequent shore damages caused by waves. A system for the real-time measurement of sea currents at the port inlets has been supporting Pilots during the construction of the flood protection barriers.

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