2 april 2012 – Thetis, Engineering company headquartered in the Arsenal of Venice, has become the ideal partner for sustainable design of buildings and plants solutions, as well as for the recovery of historic buildings with high architectural value, with energetic sustainability policy and environmental criteria. As a member of Green Building Council Italy (GBC), the company is able to provide assistance in the design and construction of buildings certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – certification program of voluntary sustainability of buildings), for optimizing environmental and energy performance. Thanks to these skills and competence, Thetis has recently acquired two important projects: “M9 – New Cultural Centre and Museum of the Twentieth Century” and the project for a social-sanitary complex area of Villa Fastiggi. In particular, Thetis has been contracted by Polymnia Venezia-Fondazione to supervise the LEED sustainability certification process for the project M9 – New Cultural Centre and Museum of the Twentieth Century. Thetis task is to manage the process necessary to achieve the certification of buildings sustainability: as defined by the American LEED Protocol. The certification process of a new museum will follow the 2009 Italian version of the New Construction protocol, while for the commercial building the Core & Shell protocol is adopted. The project consists in the redevelopment of a degraded area in the centre of Mestre, through the creation of a new building and the rehabilitation renovation of a military barracks “Matter” for a future commercial use. The second plan concerns the realization of a social-sanitary complex of five buildings in the residential area of Villa Fastiggi near Pesaro. Thetis, in this case, will intervene directly in the system by performing the following works: thermomechanical plants, waterworks and wastewater, electrical installations, special systems. A preliminary analysis was performed to assess the possible implementation of renewable energy sources systems fitting the site. The energetic analysis was performed using EnergyPlus dynamic modeling software, identifying  the most appropriate design solutions both in terms of energy and economic efficiency. With regard to these two important projects, focusing on topics highly relevant, such as energy sustainability and development of renewable energies, Ing. Fabio Pinton, Head of Civil Engineering, and Energy Systems, said that “Thetis is striving to develop projects that have more “Green”, combining this with address economic and technical, expression of private and public investors “. Press Office Press and External Relations Office Thetis SpA tel. 041 2406111 fax 041 5210292 Contact: Giannandrea Mencini Mobile 347 2823781 Comunicato stampa M9 Pesaro aprile 2012_ENG