16 February 2016

Thetis wins a new European contract: it is to provide sustainable planning for Europe’s seas

sfondo15 February 2016 – The Venetian company, in a Consortium with top European consulting firms headed by S. Pro (Sustainable Projects) of Berlin, has won the contract from the European DirectorateGeneral for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries for the supply of services to assist Member States in the implementation of Framework Directive 2014/89, approved on 23 July 2014, which aims to create a common framework for European maritime spatial planning.

This Directive commits the Member States to the development by March 2021 of maritime spatial plans to contribute to the sustainable development of strategic economic sectors, such as offshore energy production, maritime transport, the fisheries and aquaculture industries, maritime tourism, raw material extraction, etc.  The plans must also ensure the preservation, protection and improvement of the marine environment, including resilience to climate change impacts.  The competition for maritime space (due, for example, to the construction of offshore installations for the production of renewable energy, or the development of aquaculture and other fast-growing industries) has highlighted the need for efficient management to avoid potential conflicts and create synergies between the various activities.  Sustainable, coordinated use of maritime spaces and marine resources will help to overcome possible conflicts between the various administrations, encourage investments in renewable energy sources or the establishment of marine protected areas, increase coordination between administrations, increase cross-border cooperation and conserve the marine environment in general.

Thetis is to deliver assistance for the Eastern Mediterranean Marine Region, with a special focus on the European States: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus.

“The award of this contract,” underlines Emiliano Ramieri, of the Thetis Environment and Territory Division, “confirms our internationally recognised competences and capabilities in the sustainable management of marine and coastal environments, considered strategic at European level.  Our task in this specific Mediterranean Marine Region will be to capitalise on sustainable practices and strategic projects in the area of maritime spatial planning.   We will also be analysing the current situation with regard to planning and the communication of the sources of finance available for Member States to support lasting maritime spatial planning.


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