2 February 2017

Thetis wins major contract in France: will manage the public transport in the city of Dunkerque

b9710886140z-1-20170123152521-000-2bgg38ctp1p-1-0-6f5da96ee3ea7ae8de530c7a93e02ec51Thetis, company that for years has been providing urban transport services for the Venetian company ACTV, has won an important tender promoted by the Urban Community of Dunkirk (France), for the sustainable management of the urban public transport fleet and DK’Bus mobile information.

Thetis will supply a new AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring) to the French city transport network operated by STDE Company, a subsidiary of Transdev Group, which includes 11 lines and a fleet of 122 buses.

In particular, the system implemented by Thetis, through innovative software solutions, will allow French operators to monitor and control in real time the public transport service provided by integrating with other systems such as the planning of the service itself, the management of traffic light priority, the passenger counting and precise information for users on board vehicles.

This new innovative approach in integrated management of transport, contributes to the reorganization of the entire urban network of the city of Dunkerque. Thetis has also entered into a major partnership with the French company leader in the sector Comatis for the management system of traffic light priority.

With this new contract, which follows a previous award took place in northern France, Thetis is further strengthening its presence in the international market, especially the French-speaking market this very attentive to sustainable mobility and the reduction of environmental pollution, issues on which Thetis has significant experience in numerous projects in Italy, China, India, England and, more recently, Denmark and Egypt.